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Where to Book Accommodations

One of the things that you spend the most time trying to find when planning a trip to Europe, is where to book accommodations. When you travel to Europe, there are so many different types of accommodations you can stay in.

We all know the best hotel booking sites. What Europe is fantastic for is the variety of hotel alternatives it has too. Imagine having a romantic stay in a castle in Ireland, or taking your family to stay on a farm in Germany. 

Here is a list of places where you can book a hotel or hotel alternative to make your European vacation a memory of a lifetime. 

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Finding Accommodations in Europe

When it comes to finding accommodations in Europe there are a lot of choices. There are at least eight different types of accommodations you can rent when you go on your trip to Europe. That's right, there is more than just hotels and hostels. 

If you see something on this list that you are unfamiliar with then I recommend reading the page Finding Accommodations in Europe. It will give you a brief overview of all the different options, helping you find something to suit your style, budget and number of people in your party. Then come back here to find the different links to book. 

If you are starting out planning your trip check out Travelling to Europe for the First Time for great tips on getting started. There's a lot to consider, and finding a place to stay is just a small part of it. If you have a good plan in place, you can save money and get the most out of your trip to Europe. 

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Where to Book Hotels in Europe

When it comes to the best hotel booking sites, we all probably have our favourites. Here are my most trusted booking sites.

Hotels Combined is a great tool for comparing all the hotel booking sites at once. Trip Advisor has lots of reviews on it, so you can get a feel for what a place is really like. has the most listings, and is great for last minute stays. They all have different strengths. 

Use a variety of sites when you do your research for a hotel stay. You'll end up seeing the same places get recommended and also be able to compare prices. 

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One of the biggest sites for booking a hotel online 

Search all the hotel booking sites at once and compare, including all listed here!

Great savings can be found here up to 75% sometimes

Great at finding last minute deals

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Where to Book Vacation Rentals in Europe

Vacation Rentals are one of my favourite ways to enjoy Europe. I've tried a few different sites, and these four are my favourites. The best thing about vacation rentals in Europe is that you can rent just about anything. A houseboat, a castle, a treehouse, or just a quaint little flat in the heart of Paris, there is something for everyone. 

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Great search features. Over 1,000,000 listings

2 million listings in 190 countries, part of the VRBO family

Best known vacation rental site. First time user? Get $62 CAD below.

AirBnB competitor, it's strength is Europe

AirBnB Coupon

Where to Book Hostels in Europe

There are lots of different options when it comes to booking hostels in Europe. There are few "go to" sites that people like to find hostels through. 

A lot of hostels are starting to utilize the hotel booking sites to help promote their location now. So don't forget to check them too!

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33,000 hostels in over 170 countries

A brand of hostels strong in Germany and a few surrounding countries

Biggest hotel site also carries hostels

Large network of hostels worldwide

B & Bs and Pension Hotels in Europe

Bed and Breakfasts in Europe are great around Europe for a romantic getaway. You can find them all over, especially in smaller towns. 

Pension Hotels are generally a little cheaper, may include breakfast and you could be sharing a bathroom. Common in Germany and the UK. 

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Many B&B's list on now

Large network of B&B's and Pension Hotels

Book Unique Places in Europe

Looking for something unique? Here's a couple of great things to try. Glamping and farm stays are especially family friendly!

Couchsurfing is the most affordable, because it's free!

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Family friendly niche site for Glamping in Europe

Glamping all over Europe with lots of reviews

Farm Stays

Search Farm Stays on

 Farms Stays all over Europe with lots of reviews


Travelling on a budget? Couchsurfing is free!


Find vacant rooms in universities across Europe!

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