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Where Can I Store My Luggage?

You've arrived in a city and your check-in is not for hours yet. You'd love to start exploring the city, but don't want to drag your luggage around. You are probably asking, "Where can I store my luggage?" 


I've sat in a cafe for hours waiting for my Airbnb check in, guarding my luggage. Well, good news. Those days are over. 

There are a lot of great luggage storage companies out there. They are safe and include insurance, and are also in convenient locations throughout major cities around the world. These are even better for travelers than the traditional airport or train station storage lockers options. You'll learn why and how a luggage storage company will save you money and time.

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THE Top Pick - BEST luggage storage in 2023

I get it, you don't have time to read this whole post. Am I heartbroken?  A little bit, but I understand that you may be in a city and are just asking, "Oliver! Where can I store my luggage right now!" Don't worry, I gotcha covered. 

This is my favourite. Lots of locations. Up to $10,000 insurance. Flat rate. 

Drop off your luggage and enjoy your day. You're welcome. 

Who is Luggage Storage For?

Luggage storage is for travelers who are looking for bag storage for the short-term (hours) or long-term (days to weeks). Sometimes we bring extra things for part of our trip, that we need for only the first part and don't want to drag around for the rest of the trip. 

Sometimes we have time between arrival and our check-in, so we want to use that time to explore. No one wants to drag a suitcase around. Finding somewhere convenient to store luggage can make all the difference. 

Long Term Luggage Storage 

Are you travelling with extra bags? Maybe your trip involves a sports trip (golf clubs, hockey gear), a band trip (instrument), or a business trip (trade show items) and you plan on travelling after.

You may want to take advantage of long-term luggage storage. For a daily fee, you can leave your luggage, usually for up to a month. You may be familiar with the long-term storage options at airports or train stations. 

Short Term Luggage Storage

Your flight or train arrives at 9 am, but your hotel or aparthotel won't be ready until 3 pm. You want to start exploring the city, but dragging all your luggage around is not your idea of a good time. 

Many airports or train stations, especially in Europe, have temporary luggage storage in the form of lockers. You pay for the time you leave it there, usually by the hour. They also have long-term storage for a time longer than three days. 

Just be aware of the Luggage Locker Key Scam.

Luggage Locker Key Scam

This scam can be found at railway stations around Europe. How the scam works is quite simple. 

You are looking for a locker. Many of the storage lockers are taken which is quite typical. But today is your lucky day! Someone is leaving and they offer you their locker.

They tell you that the key is a little sticky and there's a trick to it. They offer to show you. You put your luggage in the locker, they show you the trick then hand you the key. What a kind, helpful person!

You do your exploring and come back later to collect your luggage. You will discover one of two things. The locker is open and your luggage is gone, or the locker won't open with the key at all.

A magician has swapped the key after they locked it for you and handed you a fake key. The minute you leave, they take the palmed key and take your luggage. Not a way to start your vacation. 

An Easier and Safer Way to Store Your Luggage

The best and most convenient way to store your luggage is through a luggage storage company. My favourite is Bounce Luggage Storage. They have one of the largest storage networks in Europe, a low flat rate and the best insurance coverage.

Save Time

With multiple locations in a city, you can save time and get exploring.

8000+ locations worldwide

1000+ cities


All locations are vetted, and your luggage is kept in a special secure space. 

Also, Up to $10,000 insurance coverage


Book and pay using your credit card securely through the app making it easy to make your reservation in advance.

How it Works

Bounce has agreements with local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, dry cleaners, coffee shops, convenience stores and more. They have locations all over the city, giving you better options than the train station or airport. 

Step 1. - Search Locations

Find a place close to where you want to spend the day or close to your accommodations. If you are planning to leave your luggage long-term, choose a place close to your point of departure. 

Find your city here

Step 2. - Book it Online

You book through their app to make it really convenient and your payment is secure. You can book in advance before you arrive.

No more worries. Even if there is a language barrier, they know you are coming, and the payment is already taken care of. 

Step 3. Drop off your luggage

You can now go to the luggage drop location you picked in step one. Show your reservation, and leave your luggage.

Your luggage will be safe until you get back. 

Step 4. - Enjoy your day!

Go explore the city knowing that your things are safe!

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How Safe is My Luggage?

Bounce vets all the locations that they use. They also offer protection against loss or damage. Up to $10,000 for loss or damage (see the terms and conditions).

You don't get that level of insurance at an airport or train station. 

They also require that the business that is storing your luggage have a special space set aside that is not accessible to the public. 

Luggage Storage Networks vs Airport/Train Station Lockers

Airport and train station lockers have been around for a long time and for many people the goto way to store luggage. Luggage storage networks are growing and offer something that lockers or left luggage can't. 

Let's compare the two. 

Luggage Storage Company

  • Hourly & Daily Rates
  • Low hourly rates
  • Find storage near where you are staying or exploring
  • Insurance included
  • Luggage stored away from public
  • If you can lift it, they can store it
  • Open hours vary

Airport/Train Station

  • Hourly & Daily Rates
  • Longer open hours
  • High hourly rates 
  • No insurance
  • Airports far from city centre
  • Train/Bus stations have limited locations
  • Limited sizes for locker

Rate Comparison

Every place that can store your luggage will have a different rate. Most rates are per bag, whereas lockers vary in price by size. Here are some examples in Paris

Short-Term Hourly Rate Per Item

Train Station

€5.50 - €9.50 (per day, depending on locker size)


€5 (up to 3 hours)

€8 (4 to 6 hours)


€6.65 per day (1-24 hours)

Luggage Hero**

€3.85 - €4.32 per hour (depending on location)

Long-Term/Daily Rate Per Item

Train Station

€5.50 - €9.50 max 72 hours. (per day, depending on locker size)

Paris Airport




Luggage Hero**

€10.80 - €15.72 (depending on location)

* includes up to $10,000 insurance coverage

** includes up to $2500 insurance coverage

Better Locations Means More Convenience

The other advantage that a company like Bounce has, is that there are locations all over the city.

Let's say you are staying in Florence, Italy. You arrive at 9 am at the train station and your check-in time at your aparthotel is at 3 pm. You don't want to drag your luggage around Florence for 6 hours! You could leave it at the train station, but then you have to go back to the train station just to pick it up. 

Bounce has 25 locations all around Florence. So you can find one close to your aparthotel, or find one close to where you plan to explore, leave it there. That is a much better option than the train station where you have to backtrack just to pick up your luggage. 


The reason I highly recommend Bounce is that is simple. 

  • Many convenient locations
  • Best insurance coverage
  • Low flat rate

Using luggage storage like this when you are travelling will help you get the most out of your time.

Having a safe convenient place to leave it and knowing it is insured will give you peace of mind.

The low flat rate takes out the guesswork and constant price comparison. 

Have you used luggage storage on your trips? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments!

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