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Where to Book Transportation

Transportation in Europe can be overwhelming. You can travel Europe by train, car, bus and ferry. When planning your trip to Europe, there are so many sites when it comes to booking transport in Europe.

This page is a list of travel websites that are some of the most trusted sites to book your trip online. 

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If you book anything through some of the trusted travel partners I work with, I may earn a small commission from a qualifying purchase - at no added cost to you!

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Trains in Europe

Individual Train Tickets in Europe

Omio (formerly Go Euro)

Searches and compares trains, buses and flights in Europe. Easy to use, and great deals to be found. 

Rail Europe

Large network to search and book individual train tickets in Europe and even Eurail Passes

Eurail Pass and Interrail Pass

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Eurail Passes are for non-European residents

Travel in 31 European countries

Travel in 1- 4 European countries

Travel in 1 European country

Interrail Passes are for European residents

Travel in 31 European countries

Up to 8 days of train travel in Spain or Italy

Travel in 1 European country

Rail Companies in Europe by Country

Car Rentals in Europe

Aggregators search all the car rental companies and compare prices. If you have a car rental company you prefer you can go directly to them. I have my favourites below that I like to use. 

Always make sure to check the cancellation, changes and deposits rules that may apply. They vary from company to company. Some will put a €1000 deposit on your credit card, which gets refunded after. Make sure you understand what you are getting. 

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Top Car Rental Aggregator Sites

My favourite Car Rental site. Easy to use, easy to see what you are booking

Just as good for cars as it is for flights

Good filters, easy to read

Very simple site, to the point

Top Car Rental Companies

One of the world's largest networks

Large European Rental company

Part of the Enterprise group

Europe focused car company

Auto Europe Car Rental

Buses in Europe

Buses can save you a ton of money. If you are travelling on a budget, these are a great way to get around Europe cheap!

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Flixbus has one of the largest networks in Europe, with over 1400 destinations in 26 countries.

These Flixbus ticket deals are worth checking out. 

Interflix 5 cities for €99 !

Current FlixDeals

Cheap coach in Europe from just €11

Book your overnight bus here!

Omio (formerly Go Euro)

If you are unsure of what is the best way to get around Europe, then give Omio a try.

Omio will give you a quick view comparison of flights, buses and trains in Europe. It compares the costs and travel time. It's a great place to see what's best for your trip. 

Megabus (UK)

Megab​us has a great network of buses and city bus tours in the United Kingdom. 

Ferry Tickets in Europe

If you are renting a car in Europe, ferries will be your ticket across places like the English Channel, Finland Sea, Irish Sea and the Baltic Sea. Even if you are not renting a car, ferries are also much a cheaper way to cross bodies of water compared to a flight. Also it's a pretty scenic way to go!

If you have a Eurail Pass, you can use ferries as part of your pass! 

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Ferry Booking Sites

Ferry Companies in Europe - Book Direct

Book More Stuff!