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Unlock Sustainable Travel: Why Paravel’s Eco-Friendly Carry-On Luggage is a Game-Changer

Has wanderlust got you itching for your next big adventure? Are you daydreaming about jet-setting to far-flung destinations, but dread the thought of battling with your luggage? Well, we have a game-changer for you - Paravel's Eco-Friendly Carry-On Luggage. It's more than just a suitcase; it's a stylish, trusty travel companion that's built to last, with a keen focus on sustainability.


Paravel, a brand renowned for its commitment to sustainable and thoughtfully designed travel essentials, has truly outdone itself with the Aviator Carry-On. This hardside luggage marvel doesn't just look good; it's packed with features designed to make your travel experience as smooth as a first-class upgrade, all while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Imagine gliding through bustling airports with a suitcase that turns heads and handles like a dream. Here I thought people were checking me out, but no, it was my brand new Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry-On Luggage

This could be your new travel reality too. So get ready. We're about to take a deep dive into what makes this suitcase a must-have for every eco-conscious traveller.

Paravel Aviator at the Airport 2

But remember, we're not just here to sing the praises of this sustainable luggage powerhouse - we're also here to make you laugh, think, and most importantly, help you make an informed purchase decision. So let's embark on this journey together, shall we? And who knows, by the end, you might just be clicking 'Add to Cart' faster than you can say 'Bon Voyage!

Interested in the Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry On? Check it out here.

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Unzipping the Realities of Travel: The Power of a Top-Notch, Eco-Friendly Suitcase

When Travel Isn't All Smooth Sailing (or Rolling)

When Travel Isn't All Smooth Sailing (or Rolling), having a reliable, sustainable carry-on becomes crucial. Let's set the scene: you're in the heart of Berlin, the rhythm of the city pulsing around you, and then - catastrophe strikes. Your suitcase wheels surrender to the cobblestones, leaving you with a fractured luggage set and a dash of public embarrassment. That's not a theoretical scenario; it happened to me. But it was a travel mishap that led me to the Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry-On.

The Ally of the Avid Traveler: Durability

Travel is a thrilling affair, but it also comes with challenges. The right suitcase can make these challenges a little less daunting. And that's where the Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry-On steps in - a suitcase that's not just a holder of things but a steadfast travel companion ready to tackle the world with you, sustainably. 

Ever tried dragging a flimsy suitcase across Berlin's charming but merciless cobblestones? It’s a workout I wouldn't recommend. Trust me. Been there, done it. The end result was me dragging my suitcase sans wheels. 1 out 5 would not recommend.

The Aviator, with its robust build and eco-friendly materials, scoffs at such challenges. It handles cobblestones and bustling city streets like a pro, all while keeping your carbon footprint in check.

Convenience: The Secret Sauce of Stress-Free Travel

Next, let's talk convenience. I've been that person in the airport, huffing and puffing, desperately trying to coax my clothes back into an overstuffed bag. With the Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry-On, those days are behind you. Thanks to its smart compartments, everything has a place, and there's a place for everything, all designed with eco-conscious materials to ensure you travel light and green.

Security: Your Peace of Mind on Wheels

And let's not overlook security. The Paravel Aviator's secure locking system means you can explore the world without worrying about the safety of your belongings. Plus, it comes with a TSA-approved lock, ensuring your eco-friendly essentials are checked with care and respect for the environment. (They will still look at all your underwear)

Are you already daydreaming about jet-setting with the Paravel Aviator Carry On? Snag your new travel buddy here. Still on the fence? Put your seat and tray in the upright position and keep reading - I'm about to unpack why this carry-on could be your ticket to travel bliss!

Paravel Aviator Carry On TSA Locks

Unpacking the Paravel's Eco-Friendly Carry-on Luggage

Settle in, fellow travellers, as we embark on an in-depth journey through the features and benefits of the Eco-friendly Paravel Aviator Carry On. This luggage piece is more than just an accessory—it's a harmonious blend of style, functionality, durability, and sustainability. Let's dive into the details:

Design & Aesthetics: Stand Out in the Crowd

The Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry-On is a marvel of modern design, available in a range of colours to match your eco-warrior style. Its sleek exterior isn't just about looks; it's crafted from materials that speak volumes about your commitment to the planet.

Impressed by the stylish design of the Paravel Aviator Carry On? See it for yourself.

Durability & Construction: Built to Last

Remember the Berlin mishap? The Aviator Carry-On, with its recycled polycarbonate shell, is tough enough to take on any adventure, proving that sustainable materials don't compromise on quality or durability.

It has reinforced recycled aluminum corners to protect it from knocks, spills and dumps. Want a suitcase that's built to last? Experience the durability of the Paravel Aviator Carry On.

Paravel Aviator Durable corners

Interior Space & Organization: A Place for Everything

The real magic happens when you zip open this sustainable suitcase. Its spacious interior, complete with zippered compartments made from recycled materials, maximizes packing efficiency without sacrificing environmental values.

Pair it with Paravel's own packing cube set for that perfect fit and great organization. Need a suitcase with ample space and smart organization? Explore the interior of the Paravel Aviator Carry On.

Paravel Aviator with Packing Cubes

Get the Paravel packing cubes for great organization that fits perfectly.

Paravel Aviator Compression System

Compression strap help keep things in place.

Mobility & Ease of Use: Glide Through Your Travels

Navigating crowded airports and narrow airplane aisles is a walk in the park with the eco-friendly Paravel Aviator Carry On. Thanks to its 360-degree rotation wheels and adjustable telescoping handle, this suitcase offers smooth and effortless maneuverability.

If you get a set, the Aviator Grand and the Aviator Carry On, the handles match heights so you can use one hand for both suitcases and your other hand for your coffee. With the smooth wheels, you won't feel the weight of your overpacked bags (admit it, we all do it).

Paravel 360 degree wheels

Sustainability: Travel Consciously

Paravel's commitment to eco-friendly practices goes beyond the surface. The Aviator Carry On is a testament to this commitment, as it is constructed almost entirely from recycled materials.

Outer Shell

The outer shell of the suitcase is made from durable recycled polycarbonate. This material not only gives the suitcase its toughness and scratch-resistant properties, but it also contributes to waste reduction by repurposing used polycarbonate.

The ridge design adds to the retro look, but also adds durability. Why do you think ripple chips stand up to dip better than flat ones?

Paravel Aviator Durable Shell


The handle is made of recycled aluminum and the trim made of vegan leather adds a retro look that I just love. It has four heights it can be adjusted to making it comfortable for everyone. Like I mentioned before, if you pair it with the Aviator Grand checked bag, the handles line up perfectly allowing you to use one hand to push both. Now that's smart design.

I find the handle really comfortable to hold, just the right size. It also has carrying handles on the top and side for when you need to navigate some stairs. 

Paravel Aviator Handle and Vegan Leather Trim

Inside Lining

Inside the suitcase, the lining is made from Negative Nylon lining made from 15 upcycled plastic bottles. This means that with every purchase, you're contributing to the recycling of plastic that could otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. The zippers are also made of recycled materials. 

Paravel Aviator Compression System

True Carbon Neutral Product

But Paravel's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there. Recognizing the environmental impact of air travel, Paravel promises to offset the carbon emissions of your first flight with your Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry On. This makes your initial journey with the suitcase carbon-neutral, further underlining Paravel's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Even their accessories are made this way, like foldable backpacks and duffle bags. These two accessories actually blew me away with their compact size when packed and the amount of stuff you can fit in them. (The Paravel foldable backpack is the most useful travel item we own. Seriously. I don't know how I travelled without it before.)

Paravel Eco friendly

Paravel Foldable Duffle Bag - Compact and Environmental

Investing in the Aviator Carry On is not just an investment in a high-quality, stylish piece of luggage. It's also a conscious choice to support sustainable practices and contribute to the preservation of our planet. That's why I picked it personally. So with this suitcase, you can explore the world while also caring for it.

Want to travel sustainably? Learn more about eco-friendly Paravel here.

6 million

plastic bottles upcycled and transformed into their products

400k+ trees planted through Eden Reforestation Projects

16, 853+

tonnes of CO2 offset through their carbon-neutral shipping and product programs

Love the eco-friendly side of Paravel as much as I do? Tell everyone!

The Good, the Bad, and the In-Between of the Paravel Aviator Carry On


  • Sleek Design: With its modern aesthetics, the Eco-Friendly Paravel Aviator Carry On is sure to turn heads wherever you go.
  • Thoughtful Functionality: Designed with the traveler in mind, this suitcase offers a range of features to ease your journey, such as a spacious interior, smooth-rolling wheels, and a personal travel organizer.
  • Durability: Made from recycled polycarbonate, this suitcase is built to withstand the rigours of travel. It's tough, scratch-resistant, and ready for any adventure.
  • Sustainability: Not only does this suitcase perform well, but it's also eco-friendly. Made with recycled polycarbonate, recycled PET lining, and recycled PVB zippers, the Aviator Carry On is as kind to the environment as it is to the traveler. Plus, it's carbon neutral for your first flight.
  • Warranty: Paravel offers a 10-year limited warranty. 


  • Limited Color Options: While the Aviator Carry On comes in a variety of sophisticated colours, some travellers might desire a broader selection.
  • Price: This suitcase is a bit of an investment. However, the longevity, design, and eco-friendly aspects might make it worth the price tag for some. 


All things considered, the Paravel Aviator Carry On shines in many areas. It's a suitcase that blends style, durability, functionality, and sustainability into one package, making it a worthy companion for the modern, eco-conscious traveler.

There are definitely more pros than cons for this baby. If you're ready to join the Paravel Aviator Carry On fan club, grab yours here.

Just discovered the ultimate travel game-changer 🧳✈️ The Paravel Aviator Carry On is more than a suitcase, it's a statement! If you're planning any trips, you NEED to check this out. #TravelTips #EcoFriendlyTravel

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Investing in Your Travels: Paravel Aviator Carry On and Carry On Plus Pricing & Where to Buy

Ready to step up your travel game with the Paravel Aviator Carry On or the Aviator Carry On Plus? You're making a wise investment. These stylish, durable, and sustainable suitcases are more than just travel gear—they're a commitment to conscious travel.

You can grab these eco-friendly pieces straight from the Paravel website. Shopping directly ensures you get a genuine product, a seamless experience, and a ticket to join a community that values style, function, and sustainability.

The Paravel Aviator Carry On is priced at $395, and the larger Paravel Aviator Carry On Plus comes in at $425. Yes, it's an investment, but the return is high—a suitcase that stands up to travel rigours, reduces your carbon footprint and turns heads in the process.

Paravel Aviator Set and Accessories

The Paravel Aviator Set and optional accessories - Every suitcase comes with a storage bag (left), the laundry bag (bottom right)

But here's a savvy tip for the smart traveller: bundle and save. I opted for the Ultimate Set Plus, which now includes the Carry On Plus, the Aviator Grand suitcase, the Fold-up bag and the Weekender Bag and the packing cubes. Bundling these together gave me a sweet deal and ensured I was fully equipped for any type of journey.

So why wait? Visit our website today, and embark on your journey towards more conscious, stylish, and efficient travel with Paravel.

Paravel Aviator Carry On

Paravel Aviator Carry On

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This Paravel Aviator Carry-On will fit on most international and domestic flights in the overhead bins. It is slightly smaller than the Plus, fitting 2-4 days worth of clothes and 1-2 pairs of shoes.

What it comes with:

  • Laundry bag
  • Storage bag
  • 10-year Warranty

Length x Height x Width: 13.7" x 21.7" x 9" (34.8cm x 55.1cm x 22.8cm)

Weight: 8.2lb (3.72 kg) 

Volume: 43.7L 

Paravel Aviator Carry on Plus in White

Paravel Aviator Carry On Plus

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus may not fit on all domestic flights as it is slightly larger than its regular-size sibling. It fits 4-7 days worth of clothes and 2-4 pairs of shoes.

What it comes with:

  • Laundry bag
  • Storage bag
  • 10-year Warranty

Length x Height x Width: 14.7" x 22.7" x 9.6" (37.3cm x 56.7cm x 24.4cm)

Weight: 8.5lb (3.86 kg)

Volume: 46.6L 

Paravel Aviator Carry On vs. The Luggage World

Navigating the luggage market can feel like an endless ocean of choices. In this sea of options, the Paravel Aviator Carry On stands out as a beacon of style, durability, and sustainability. Let's drop anchor and dive deeper into how this sustainable suitcase compares to its competitors in key areas.

Comparing Design & Aesthetics

In the realm of design and aesthetics, the Paravel Aviator Carry On sails smooth waters. Its sleek, modern exterior is both eye-catching and sophisticated, boasting a level of elegance that rivals even the most popular luggage brands. Brands like Away and Rimowa, known for their minimalist design, may offer a similar level of aesthetic appeal, but they often lack the unique colour offerings and signature branding that Paravel brings to the table.

Paravel Carry-On and the Away Bigger Carry-On

The Away Bigger Carry On vs the Paravel Aviator Carry On (regular size)

Comparing Durability & Construction

When it comes to durability, the Paravel Aviator Carry On holds its own against stalwarts like Samsonite and Tumi. Crafted from recycled polycarbonate, the Aviator is designed to weather the bumps and knocks of travel. While other brands may boast similar construction materials, Paravel's commitment to quality ensures that their luggage pieces are built to last, without compromising on style or weight.

Comparing Interior Space & Organization

Within its walls, the Paravel Aviator Carry On reveals a world of organizational wonder. It's spacious interior, zippered compartments, and compression boards rival the interior design of other brands like Briggs & Riley or Travelpro. However, the Aviator's clever layout seems to take space utilization to another level, almost making it feel like this carry-on is bigger on the inside.

Comparing Mobility & Ease of Use

In the field of mobility, the Paravel Aviator Carry On is in a league of its own. Its 360-degree rotating wheels and adjustable telescoping handle allow for effortless navigation through crowded airports and narrow airplane aisles. Brands like Delsey and American Tourister also offer good mobility with their products, but the smooth glide of the Aviator's wheels sets it apart.

Comparing Sustainability Efforts

Finally, where the Paravel Aviator Carry On truly shines is in its commitment to sustainability. Few luggage brands prioritize eco-friendliness in their manufacturing process. The Aviator's shell is made from recycled polycarbonate, its lining from recycled PET, and its zippers from recycled PVB, setting it apart from competitors. Plus, with Paravel's promise to offset the carbon emissions of your first flight with the Aviator, this suitcase stands as a testament to Paravel's commitment to a greener planet.

So there you have it—the Paravel Aviator Carry On, sailing high above the competition. Whether it's style, durability, organization, mobility, or sustainability, the Aviator Carry On charts a course for excellence in every category.

Convinced that the Paravel Aviator Carry On outperforms the competition? Buy it now.

The Final Verdict: Is the Paravel Aviator Carry On Worth It?

It's been quite the journey, hasn't it? We've sailed through the sea of luggage options, navigated the turbulent waters of comparisons, and now we're circling the runway, preparing to land on our final verdict.

So, is the Paravel Aviator Carry On worth it? Does it pack a punch as big as its packing space? Does it stand as a titan among the tote-ables? Well, if you've been on this flight with us from the beginning, you probably already know the answer. But let's not be coy—yes, the Aviator is absolutely worth it.

This suitcase is not just a bag, it's a statement—a testament to style, durability, and a better eco-friendly world. It's a globe-trotter's best friend and a planet lover's dream. It's more than just a carry-on, it's a carry-onward towards a greener future.

Ready to make a statement and carry-onward with the Paravel Aviator? Get yours here and start your journey towards a greener future.

Ready for Takeoff? Start Your Journey with the Paravel Aviator Carry-On

So, ready to upgrade your travel game and make a sustainable choice? Ready to cruise through airport security with a carry-on that screams "I've got style, and I care about the planet too!"? Then it's time to take the leap and embark on your next adventure with the Paravel Aviator Carry On.

Whether you're a seasoned jet-setter or a casual weekend warrior, the Aviator is the perfect travel companion. So why wait? Your journey towards a more stylish, durable, and eco-friendly travel experience starts here. Climb aboard, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for takeoff with the Paravel Aviator Carry On. You're cleared for departure to a world of efficient, sustainable, and stylish travel. Buckle up, it's going to be an exciting flight!

Ready to travel in style with the Paravel Aviator Carry On? Click here to buy now.

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