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Booking Online For a Trip

We all have different travel styles. For me, I love taking the train, and public transport when I'm in Europe. You might want to rent a car and visit the small towns in between the big cities. Here you can learn some of my favourite places to use if you are booking online for a trip !

Whatever your style is, you need to start researching online and finding out the costs to match your budget. Then pick the dates that work best with what you are doing and book it! 


Find Your Budget

Pick Your Dates

Book It!

Below are four of my favourite companies to use for booking flights, trains, buses, and car rentals. These are trusted companies that have great deals regularly and are easy to use. Use the links below to do your research and find your budget. Then when you are ready to take the plunge, pick your dates and book it! 

Booking Flights Online

  Flights has provided me with this great booking portal so that you can find the best flights and your booking can be Easy, Fast and Safe right here on the website. 


You want your booking to be Easy.

  • Easy to find cheap flights and times
  • Easy to compare flights
  • Easy to understand what you are booking

Fa​st ︎

You want your booking to be Fast.

  • Fast searches with better filters
  • Fast to compare different options
  • Fast to book flights


The Kiwi Guarantee protects you from:

  • Flight delays
  • Flight cancelations
  • Schedule changes

Why book here?

No pop-ups, no ads, no bs. You search on one page and book your flight on the next page. It's that easy. looks after you and your booking, by checking you in 24 hours before you fly (saving you the fees of some discount airlines) and providing great customer service.

Unlike other sites, you will know before you book what your luggage fees and sizes are. You can even pay for it in advance if you want right on the booking page. Everything is easy to read, and understand. Make sure to read about the Kiwi Guarantee. They've got your back! Logo
Booking Eurail



Eurail provides some of the best packages for rail travel in Europe for non-residents. 

The two main options are the Global Pass and the Select Pass

The Global Pass gives you access to 28 countries. The Select Pass allows you to choose 2 to 4 adjoining countries. 

Check out their regular discounts here.

  • Under 27 years old - save 20%
  • Travel as a couple or group save 15% 
  • Children under 11 travel for free

Individual Train Tickets

One of the best sites for booking individual train tickets is goeuro. It is simple to use and compares the same route with flights, trains and buses. 

Train Companies and Websites by Country

If you want to book direct with the local railway for a few trips, below is a list of European countries with a state rail system. Some browser like Chrome allow you to translate the sites if they aren't in English. Look for local deals on the sites. Starting looking three months in advance of your trip to save money. 

Some tickets for the same train may be cheaper on other providers. For example a train from Austria to Germany may be operated by Deutsche Bahn, but you can buy tickets for it on DB's site and OBB's site. One be cheaper, so check both. 

Booking with Flixbus



With Flixbus you can find one of the largest bus networks in Europe. With 1400 destinations in 26 countries, This is a great way to start searching and with their great low prices it's hard to beat. They have some great deals too.

Car Rental with Auto Europe

  Car Rentals

Auto Europe

With so many different car rental companies to choose from, I like using AutoEurope. As you can see by the screenshot, AutoEurope allows you to search multiple car rental companies at once. This saves you the time searching each company individually.

Here are some of AutoEurope's popular links:

Europe Road Trip Planner - They have great ideas for road trips throughout Europe like, Castles in Germany, Bordeaux Wine Tour, Day Trips from Amsterdam and much more. 

Car Rental Deals

European Car Rental Insurance Tips

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