Affiliate Disclosure

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In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about all links, posts, photos and other material on this website:

Any of the links on this website maybe affiliate links of which I receive a small commission from sales of certain items, but the price is the same for you.

What is an affiliate link?

Imagine you love a certain restaurant. So you tell people about it all the time, and they go there to eat on your recommendation. Could you imagine if the restaurant gave you a small percentage of what those customers spend for referring them? How sweet would that be? That's how an affiliate link works. 

An affiliate link is a tracking code that is used to allow me to earn a small commission only if you purchase something through the link. When you click on the link it takes you off of Aciu's website and to the website of a product or service I love. The beautiful thing about it is, that the price for you is exactly the same whether you go through my affiliate link or directly to the website.

Purchasing through my affiliate links earns me a small commission which keeps this website and my coffee addiction going. 

When do I use affiliate links?

If I add an affiliate link to a product or website, it is because I believe that that product or website is something that my community could benefit from. For example, Auto Europe (⟵see, affiliate link) is a company that I think provides the best online booking portal for car rentals that I have used. Other companies that provide a similar service also have an affiliate program, but I feel Auto Europe is the best for my community. This is why I have chosen to have an affiliate relationship with them and not others. 

Not every product or service I recommend is a company I am affiliated with. I might just like them!

Your experience through the affiliate links

If you refer someone to a restaurant, you hope that the food, service and experience is as good for them as it has been for you. Unfortunately you can't control their experience, since you don't run or own the restaurant. The same goes for the referrals I make for products and services through affiliate links.

While I believe in certain products or service, these products are purchased from third party companies. I do not have any control of these companies or financial interest in them other than the affiliate relationship we share. So I can't guarantee that you will love the product or service as much as I do, that it will come unscathed to your door, or that it will arrive on time to surprise someone for Christmas. 

I really hope that everything is as perfect as you hoped, but if there are any problems or concerns with a certain product or service purchased through one of my affiliate links, please contact them directly. 

Do you have an affiliate program?

I am always open to looking at other affiliate relationships . If you are company/person with an affiliate program that you think will provide added value to my community, feel free to contact me. Every affiliate program will be reviewed to see if it will serve my community first, and does not cause a conflict with other affiliate partners I currently have. My community and their needs comes first, as without them, I am nothing. Contact me here.

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