About Me

I'm a typical Canadian. Proud, polite and play hockey. I am a first generation Canadian raised in a German household. This gave me the gift to speak English and German fluently. As a kid I had lots of trips to Europe to visit relatives. So my love of Europe started back then. 

When we are younger we never think that our parents teach us anything. I learned how to travel in Europe on a budget from them. When I planned my first trip on my own, I spent many, many hours researching my trip and finding how I could do it cheaper. Whether it was booking a flight, train, hotel or apartment, I started to learn that I could do it on a budget, without compromising comfort. 

Oliver in Munich Ubahn

Why I Started Aciu

After planning a couple trips, I learned a few travel tips for Europe. I also found that the information was out there, but I had to spend hours going to multiple sites to get the knowledge I needed for simple things. People always thought I was "lucky" to go because they couldn't afford to go.

My advice always was, anybody can do it. It doesn't have to be the only trip, but the first of many. I wanted to share with people what I have learned (good and bad). This is how Ačiū was born. 

What Ačiū is About

Ačiū is here to give you travel tips for Europe. I also want it to be something bigger. A community of people who help each other out with what they have learned and experienced. Whether you are a rookie traveller or a seasoned vet, we all can benefit from each other. Don't forget, everyone you meet, knows something that you don't.

So join us. Be part of something bigger, and share what you know, and learn something you never knew. 

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